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WordPress Theme Customization Service

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WordPress Theme Customization Service

Sentosh is the most favored website on the internet with high-quality reviews. We work as a passion, love to give you our best service!

Why do You Need to Customize WordPress Theme

There are plenty of reasons behind customizing the WordPress theme. You might have one or more in mind, but we think you would like to see some more reasons. So, here are the reasons behind customizing WordPress theme.

To Stand out

This might be the most common reason behind customizing WordPress theme. Normally, suitable themes are already being used by thousands of people. So, if you want to stand out from them, tailoring some features and specifications and adding some sauce is a good way. That’s why people make some changes and bring a different taste in regular themes.

If You Can’t Find a Suitable Theme

This is another common reason which results into customizing the theme. There are plenty of themes for WordPress websites. Still there is chance of not finding a single one that is suitable for your goal, mission and vision. In this case, you can pick the most suitable one and bring changes by coding to turn it into one that is suitable for you.

If You Want Quality

If you want your website to run smooth and ensure maximum comfort in user experience, you should customize the WordPress theme. Customized theme from a trusted coder always ensures smooth experience for the users. Quality codes also keep the site safe to surf. On the other hand, you may find bugs and complexity in some premium themes out there.

To Make the Site Lightweight

In the crowd of free and premium themes, you’ll find a lot of codes which make the website heavy for no reason. This is not expected. Light themes make the website more SEO friendly, which you always want. So, if you find that the site is heavy, you should get it customized. An experienced customization service can make the site lightweight using easy codes.

To Get Support When Needed

When you are using a free or even premium theme, you might not get the support from the developer. On the other hand, getting the theme customized from a reputed and dependable service always keeps the door open to get support when needed. For this, you should get your website customized.

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About Our Theme Customization Service

Most suitable WordPress themes for your business are already being used by a thousand other businesses. To stand out from those, customizing the theme and establishing your own vibe is necessary. That’s why we are here for you, with our WordPress Theme Customization Service. 

In this service, we ensure inexpensive customization of the current theme which is being used by a lot more businesses.

We are a team of experienced WordPress developers who know the work very well. As a result, name the change and we’ll do it for you. If you are looking for a dedicated and specialist person or team for bringing some changes in your current website, we are probably the best option for you. We have a satisfied client base throughout the world that we’ve served in different issues with WordPress.

Perks of the Website You’ll Get from Us

While we convert the PSD files into WordPress website through Visual Composer, we keep eyes of several things so that you don’t receive a website that can’t support you to reach your goal. Below are some characteristics of the website we deliver.

If the site doesn’t rank in the search engines, the expected result won’t come. So, the site must be search engine optimized. That’s why, while building the site, we make sure that we are touching the technical points of SEO that’ll support your SEO strategies to bring the best result. For that, we have our in-house SEO expert. The site you’re getting from us is designed to rank.

The number of people who are accessing the internet using mobile device is increasing. That means, if you want to reach more people, you must make your site mobile-friendly. That’s what we do. We make sure that you are getting is fully mobile responsive. By ensuring the mobile-friendliness, you can multiply the number of visitors in your site. We help you to do that. 

To ensure a great user experience, making your website fast is a very important factor. We ensure that you site will take minimum loading time possible to load the pages. Our expert coders use light codes for this. Besides building up the site, we keep our eyes on maintaining this too. As a result, you get a site that ensures fast speed. All you need to do is maintaining it.

While developing a site, we keep our eyes on the functionality of it. Also, before sending the site to our clients, we check this from the visitor’s perspective so that we can easily find out something that is not functioning properly. As a result, when you make the site live, visitors don’t face any problem to surf it.

Security is an important issue and that’s what we carefully focus on when we are developing a site. No matter what the reason behind developing the site is, security is something that you can’t overlook. We take necessary steps to implement the security measures so that you don’t face any problem regarding that. All you need to do is being careful while maintaining the site.

What We Do

Our theme customization service follows a really simple process. We follow a structured process to bring the final output. As a result, we can get the work done within the promised time. We are describing the process just in case you know how we do this.

At the very first stage, after getting order from you, we contact you to know the changes you want us to bring. The communication is very crucial as we work depending on this communication. So, we remain patience to understand your expectations fully. When we get your points, we proceed to the next stage.

After noting your expectations, we assign one of our team members to the job. When we are assigning, we make sure that he understands what he needs to do. Also, one of our top experts supervises when he is doing it.

After that, he starts customizing the site according to your preference. Our team members are expert in coding and know the best codes to develop something. So, you can be sure that your site is being customized to be lightweight as well as smooth to surf.

Once we’ve finished the customization process, the testing process starts. In this process, we make sure that the site is fully functioning without any problems. Also, we check for any fault or malware or any other potential problems that harm the site.

After the site passes the testing process, it is ready to be delivered. We handover the site to you with the changes you expected. After receiving, you can check for any problem. If you find any issues, you can reach us. We’ll solve it. 

Delivering the project within the promised time is our best feature. We never accept orders exceeding our ability. So, delivering within deadline is easy for us. We want to avoid bottleneck situation, and that’s why don’t delay to deliver. However, as everything is not perfect, our service is too. We have a very few records of being a bit late to deliver.

While customizing your website, we use easy codes instead of using some complex codes. Easy codes allow us to make the website lightweight. This adds value in search engine optimization. Also, easy codes allow you to bring necessary changes with the help of moderate coding knowledge.

We can customize any WordPress theme you need. Our WordPress developers are expert in WordPress having proper knowledge on coding. So, no matter which theme you want to customize, let us know. We’ll do it for you. This ability of adopting any theme has made us one of the most preferred services for customizing WordPress website.

While working on customizing your website, besides following your instructions, we also make some suggestions too if needed. If we see any potential scope to improvement, we suggest you those. You can depend on our suggestions because we have the experience of developing and customizing thousands of websites.

Our codes are done in a way so that everything remains responsive from both PC and Mobile users. As a result, there won’t be any difference in usability after making the changes. We are experts in coding and we know which codes are lightweight and good for the website to keep everything responsive. We use those codes so that visitors don’t fall in trouble.

Besides customizing WordPress websites, we provide other WordPress related services like building a website or converting html to WordPress and so on. So, when you come to us, you are getting everything related WordPress at one place. This is another reason why you should come to us. We have everything you need regarding to your WordPress website.

Why Choose Us

A common question all the service providers have to answer is- “why would I choose you?” We know that. That’s why in this section, allow us to answer this question. These are some of the reasons for which you should choose our service.

Reviews from Clients

Client reviews always excites us. Because either the reviews shows us the scope to improve or those help us showcase our ability to potential clients. Here are some of the reviews from our clients. 


Answer: Yes, sure. You can always reach us with your tailored expectation regarding our service. We are open to hear your expectation beyond our packages. The packages are designed according to the basic theme customization needs. But if you want more or less, we are here. Knock us with what you want us to do

Answer: To customize your WordPress theme, we need some confidential information like your cPanel access, back-end details etc. After you order our service, we ask for the necessary details through some questions. You need to answer those. As you are sharing your confidential information with us, we are open to sign NDA to ensure you that we are not disclosing your information to anyone.

Answer: After we’ve delivered the project and you’ve made the payment, you’ll have the right on the codes. If you want, we’ll delete all the backups we’ve kept while working on the project.

Answer: We hope you to make the full payment while making the order. However, if you are not sure about us or have a complex project that may raise the pricing later, we expect you to make 50% payment while ordering and rest after the project is done. After receiving the full payment from you, we deliver you the project.

Answer: We have active support chat where you can knock us anytime in case any emergency arrives. We’ll reach back to you within the shortest possible time and answer to your query. We are active every day for you knock. So, don’t worry.

Answer: For your convenience, we accept a wide range of payment methods including PayPal, Payoneer, Visa, MasterCard, Stripe etc. You’ll find more on the checkout page.

Frequently Asked Question

As a service provider, we face a lot of questions every day. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that we face. These’ll help you to know our service better.


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