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WordPress Malware Removal Service

Get your WordPress website disinfected with our malware removal service.

WordPress Malware Removal Service

Sentosh is the most favored website on the internet with high-quality reviews. We work as a passion, love to give you our best service!


We have WordPress security experts in our team who are available always to support you with the malware problem. Our experts are doing this for a long time and they know how to fix thing quickly and effectively. No matter when you knock us, you’ll find our security experts available for you.


We are not someone who just removes the malware and keep you sit open for next attack. We want you to be safe in future too. That’s why we add security measurements, perform thorough research, suggest some security steps and so on. Those are already discussed above. We are reacting to the threat and pro-acting to keep it safe from future threats.

Pocket-friendly Service

Our WordPress Malware removal Service is designed and priced to be pocket-friendly. You’ll be getting everything within a low budget. We know that spending a huge amount is a bit tough for many website owners, especially who are new. That’s why we offer our service within a budget.


We are not someone who just removes the malware and keep you sit open for next attack. We want you to be safe in future too. That’s why we add security measurements, perform thorough research, suggest some security steps and so on. Those are already discussed above. We are reacting to the threat and pro-acting to keep it safe from future threats.

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We Provide WordPress Malware Removal Service

Malware in your WordPress website is an alarming thing. It makes the site unsafe for the traffic. Also malware can steal your information and use those for unethical purposes. There are many more problems that happen because of malwares. And finally, the site becomes completely destroyed if you don’t take necessary steps.

If you face situation like malware attack or any other unwanted circumstances, let us know. We have WordPress experts who’ll scan the whole site and remove the malwares and other threats. Our WordPress Malware Removal Service will completely clean your site as soon as possible and setup some security measures that are needed to keep your site safe from malware attacks. So, save our details and knock us as soon as you face any malware attack.

The Type of Hacks We Fix

Our WordPress Malware Removal Service can fix any type of WordPress hacks. Some of those are given below.

WordPress Backdoors

We search for and remove the possible backdoors in your website. Thus you’ll be safe from losing your information as well as facing hacks in future.

Google Blacklist

When your site is listed in Google Blacklist, Google shows a warning to the visitors of your site. We fix the issues so that your site comes back to Whitelist again.

Google Ads Issues

Google may stop displaying ads on your WordPress website saying that there is malicious software on the landing page. Don’t worry. We fix the problem too.

WordPress Phishing

Phishing scams are dangerous for the information of you as well as your visitors. If you feel that something is phishy, knock us quickly. We’ll fix that and make your site safe.

Malicious Codes

Malicious codes make your site slow as well as can be reason behind potential security issues. We check your site for malicious codes and remove those as soon as possible.

Redirects to Spam Sites

Sometimes your visitors may face the situation where they are redirected to spam sites from your site. We search for these codes and remove those to ensure uninterrupted surfing on your website.

Why do You Need to Take Expert Help to Remove Malware

Malwares are dangerous for you site and those are needed to be removed as soon as possible. Experts know how to remove those quickly. When you hire experts, they check the site fully to find out the malwares and the security gaps. Thus they help you to build a protection instead of just eliminating the malware.

You may find free malware removal techniques on the internet. Those are for basic cleaning. Hackers nowadays are advanced and program the malwares to not seem harmful. To fight against advanced hacking system, you need an expert.

Also, when you are trying to remove the malware following the process found on the internet, there is chance that you are taking more time than usual. This means you are allowing the malware to have more time in your site. In another sense, you are allowing the malware to damage your site. Instead of that, if you take expert help, they’ll do this within the shortest possible time.

What We Do for You

Our WordPress Malware Removal Service doesn’t come with only removing the malware. Besides that, we do a few more things to keep your site safe. Let’s know what we do for you.

We scan everything of your website and database to make sure that there is no threat or potential threat left in the site. There are thousands of places where a potential threat can kept hidden. Our experts ensure removal of all those by thoroughly checking your website.

There are some critical files that our experts check manually which are more risky. HTAccess, indes.php, WP-config etc. are those which are checked manually for any potential malware or backdoor attack. Our WP security experts go through these with proper care.

After removing the threats, our experts perform a security audit of the site and find out the gaps in the site security. Security audit helps our experts to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the site and plan security implement accordingly.

After the audit, our experts install necessary security plugins that enhances the security level of your site. The plugins we use are 100% safe and easy to us. Through implementing these security measures, our WordPress security experts make sure that your site is protected.

Your site may contain some codes or something that ensures a place for you in Google blacklist or other blacklists. Our experts check for those and remove those when found. Thus they reduce the chance of getting your site blacklisted and avoided by the visitors.

After cleaning and ensuring maximum security, we generate a full clean-up report that contains everything we’ve done to make your site free from malware. Also, we provide some security recommendations. Following those helps you to stay safe in future.

As soon as we receive the order, we communicate you to know details about the problem. Here, you’ll have to describe the problem in depth so that our experts can understand what’s going on with your site. Once we understand what’s happening, we start working on it.

After getting the problem, we clean that up as soon as possible and fix related issues. We do this fast because we don’t want the malware to get more time to create more hassle. Thus, in this stage, we make sure that your site is free from the hassle that you were facing.

When the threat is removed, our experts start a thorough check-up to find out the problems created by the malware or to check if there are more to eliminate. Besides, they check the security aspects and find out the gaps in the security of the site.

After security check, we install security plugins that keep your site protected from future attacks. Also, we prepare a report in this stage and suggest some steps to follow in future. Those help you to keep your site protected.

At last, we share the report with you so that you know the things we’ve done. Also, the site is safe now. So, we handover the site in this stage.

Ordering Process

We know that removing malware needs to be done quickly. So, we’ve kept the process pretty simple. Check the process.

Feedbacks from our Clients

As we are in this service for a long time, we have a satisfied client base. Our clients have given feedbacks different times in different ways. Check some feedbacks from our previous clients.

Answer: Malware removal is an emergency thing. So, we start the work as soon as you make the payment. Depending on the plan you’ve picked, we remove malware within 4 to 10 hours of receiving the order. However, the total service takes two working days because we scan the site, audit security and implement security measures after removing the malware.

Answer: Removing malware from your site and other steps of this service need us to access the admin of your website. So, we need your WP login credentials, hosting details and FTP access. We take the information from you with the guarantee of confidentiality. Your information won’t be shared with anyone.

Answer: Yes, we do. If you order packages for more than 3 websites at a time, we provide you discounts. Also, if you take more than 3 WordPress services from us, you’ll get discounts on that too.

Answer: If you keep ordering our service continuously, you’ll get a decent discount for being a regular client of us. But for that, you’ll have to have the record of ordering more than 3 services previously.

Answer: You’ll have to make the payment while ordering. Pay full and finish the order. If you want, you can break the payment into two stages. In that case, you’ll have to pay 50% or more than 50% to enjoy the service. You can pay the rest before receiving the service done.  

Freequently Asked Questions

As a service provider, we face a lot of questions every day. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that we face. These’ll help you to know our service better.


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