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We are a company that provides search engine marketing service. Our team of experts will help you reach your potential customers through search engines. 

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Sentosh is the most favored website on the internet with high-quality reviews. We work as a passion, love to give you our best service!

Platforms where You can Run Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

To run you search engine marketing campaigns, there are many platforms you’ll find. Below are some of the most popular platforms for search engine marketing.

Google Ads

Google Ads is the most used platforms for search engine marketing because it offers a huge base of audience. Being the largest search engines in the world, it processes more than three and a half billion searches per day. So, among this huge amount, a good portion is your target people, we know. It offers some awesome features to make search engine marketing enjoyable.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is a platform which is known for its cheap CPC rate. This platform allows reaching a lot of people through search engine marketing. This platform offers the scope of assigning campaigns focusing on different time zone, adjusting setting for a specific ad group and many other advantages for the advertiser.

Above are two of the best advertising platforms for search engine marketing. There are some more platforms that allow this specific type of marketing. We are experts in running search engine marketing campaigns on different platforms.

100+ Starter Template

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Who We Are

We are a team of digital marketing and advertising experts who are providing digital marketing related services professionally for a long time. The members of our team are working in this field for more than at least 3 years. Besides serving our clients, we always seek for learning. We know the changes and trends in the industry and how to use the opportunities. Thus, our team is skilled, expert, experienced and professional.

Together we can help you in digital marketing and advertising so that you can get the best out of your marketing campaigns. Search engine marketing is a type of digital marketing in which we are experts too. So, if you’re thinking of reaching to your potential customer through search engines, let’s work together for that.

How Our Search Engine Marketing Service Benefits You

Through our search engine marketing service, we place your ads in front of your potential customers when they’re searching for the exact product or service you offer. Thus, you’re getting the scope of showing your offerings exactly when they need it. So, you can expect a good result from the search engine marketing campaigns.

While running ad campaigns for your search engine marketing, we place your ads at the top of the search engine result pages. People tend to click on the results which are shown at the top. So, you’ll start getting more and more visitors to your website who are eager to see your ads. Thus, there’ll be a great boom in the traffic count.

As we drive more traffic to your website through search engine marketing campaigns to your website, your band awareness increases. People visit your website and check your products or service. When the presentation and message of the site are smooth and clear, the brand awareness increases a lot.

Our search engine marketing service focuses on attracting more visitors by spending less bucks, especially when the campaigns are starting. This, we can help you to minimize the costs for your digital advertising at the beginning of your business. Minimizing cost without minimizing the reach means better ROI, you know.

What We can Do for You

Search Engine Marketing Management

For you, we’ll manage your search engine marketing campaigns and other aspects. To manage your search engine marketing strategy, we’ll assign an expert and professional marketing manager. He’ll manage everything, starting from keyword research to running a successful ad campaign, with the help of our other team members if needed.

Search engine marketing needs an ad account on the specific platform you want to run the advertisements. We set up the account with proper information which is needed to bid for keywords and run the ads properly. If you have already built an account, we’ll audit the account and make changes if necessary.

Advertising is a thing which needs to follow a strategy to be successful. Search engine marketing also needs a strategy depending on a lot of factors. So, when you’ll hire us, our experts will analyse the factors and bring out a detailed strategy to get maximum out of the advertising campaigns. Thus, the success of the campaigns becomes easier.

Keyword research is the foundation of search engine marketing. If we don’t use the proper keyword, we can’t reach to your potential customers. So, to reach your target audience, we research keywords and find out the proper keywords for which we should place the ads. Thus, by quality keyword research, we ensure proper targeting.

As some platforms offer close variations, listing negative keywords are important. Negative keywords are the keywords for which you don’t want to show your ads. We also research negative keywords and optimize the ad campaigns so that people search with those keywords can’t find your ads.

Success in search engine marketing depends highly on successful bidding in the auctions. Higher budget is not the only key to win in the auction. Our experts manage the bids properly to win the auctions and run ad campaigns with higher advantages. The quality score is very important in this process, we ensure that too.

We design and run winning ad campaigns for your search engine marketing. It is important to optimize the campaigns for keywords and negative keywords. Designing a winning campaign requires expertise and professional mind-set. We have everything for that. We’ll design the campaigns with proper research about your objective and target audience.

After publishing the ad campaigns, we check the performance and review regularly to ensure it is generating expected ROI. If it doesn’t, we’ll optimize it to improve the performance. Also, if you have already running ads, we’ll review those campaigns and optimize those if needed. Thus, we continuously review the campaigns and optimize for improved performance.

Retargeting is a strategy where we show the ad to the people who have visited the site but didn’t make any purchase. Retargeting brings better output that targeting new portion of people. So, we retarget your potential customers so that they visit your site again and make purchases. Our experts are skilled to run retargeting campaigns.

Our team is a fully self-sufficient team consisted of in-house experts. Our professional search engine marketing service will help you to gather benefits from advertising in search engines. We’ve already discussed what we can do for you and how those can benefit you. Our experts are always ready to service your marketing expectations with a smooth and professional service.

If you hire us for your search engine marketing operations, we’ll handle everything related to this specific filed. Starting from handling the ad account to the campaigns, we’ll do it everything. Sometimes, we may need your cooperation regarding the marketing goal and target audience. Except these, you won’t have to think about anything. Just enjoy the results.

Our search engine marketing service comes at a very reasonable price. We try to help you in minimizing your marketing expenses by optimizing the campaign budgets. Besides, we also charge pocket-friendly service charge for what we do. So, you won’t have to break a bank to hire us as your search engine marketing assistants.

As we are expert, we know how to work for getting the results fast. So, when you hire us, we start working with full pace instantly so that you can get the output as soon as possible. We find out the best keywords and design campaigns in a way so that the outcome becomes fast. Though we work fast, we don’t leave a gap in what we do for you.

While handling your search engine advertising campaigns, we prepare reports regularly. We deliver detailed report to you on a regular basis so that you can understand how things are working and how the campaigns are performing. Depending on the report, you can suggest us if you need any improvement.

Besides search engine marketing, we provide service for other types of marketing including social media marketing, search engine optimization and so on. So, you can take help from us for other digital marketing aspects too. Our expert and experienced team is ready to handle your digital marketing segment and bring you a huge ROI on your marketing investment.

Why Choose Us?

We have been running our content writing service for more than 10 years. Within this long time, we have worked with over 500 clients on more than 1200 projects successfully. Lots of our clients have taken our service for more than once and still, we are working with some of our previous clients. Our clients are the best advertisement for us as we ensure the best quality service for them. But there are few reasons behind our customers love us more than others and let’s have a look at some of those:   

Feedback from Client

Satisfied clients are the most effective advertisers. That’s why we focus on satisfying our clients through our service quality. Here are some tokens of love from some of them.

Answer: No, we don’t. Search engine optimization is another completely different service that we can provide you. But the service which we’re talking about right now doesn’t include search engine optimization. SEO is a long and continuous process which helps you to remain at the top of the search engine results organically.

Answer: No, we don’t. We are open for organizations from all industries who are interested to gather traffic through search engine marketing. So, you can reach us no matter which industry you’re from. We carefully design and run campaigns for all our clients, regardless of the industry or anything else. However, we don’t work for industries like adult, gambling, drugs and such other unethical thing.

Answer: There is not hard and fast rule about the budget. Depending on how your ads are performing, the budget varies. Normally it is expected to keep a budget of 500-1000 USD per month for search engine marketing. This much budget can bring you a good result. There is nothing called maximum actually. The sky is the limit. However, we don’t advise spending a huge money for marketing always.

Answer: The answer is a bit tricky. In general sense, it doesn’t help that much to improve the search engine ranking. However, there is chance. Search engine marketing brings you visitors. If you can keep the visitors in your site for a long time, search engines get this as a positive sign. So, it can have a positive impact on your rank. However, a lot other things matter in your ranking. This thing alone can’t help you much to improve rank.

Answer: Absolutely yes. Optimizing your website for search engines is subtly marketing your website in the search engines. It might not be a part of search engine advertising as it refers to directly spending on search engines to uplift your site position. We often mix up the terms SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising).

Answer: No, we don’t have such conditions applied on our clients. If you think that our service is not helping you enough, you can stop the service anytime you want. However, we don’t think you’ll leave us easily because we are confident about the quality of our service. Our experts always try the best to bring the maximum output from the ad campaigns.

Freequently Asked Questions

As a service provider, we face a lot of questions every day. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that we face. These’ll help you to know our service better.


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