PSD to Visual Composer for WordPress

PSD to Visual Composer

Want to build a WordPress website? Turn your PSD design into an awesome WordPress website by Visual Composer

Sentosh is the most favored website on the internet with high-quality reviews. We work as a passion, love to give you our best service!

Drag and Drop Editor

In Visual Composer, you can easily drag elements and drop those on the page to complete the design or change it anytime. You won’t have to have a little bit of coding knowledge for this. 

Edit from Your Mobile

Visual Composer allows you to edit contents using your mobile device. That means- you won’t have to carry a laptop always to maintain the site. Your mobile device and a stable internet connection- these two are enough for that. 

Hiding Feature

Visual composer allows you to hide a feature from your site and unhide it later when you feel the necessity. This saves your time because you don’t have to bring and start editing the feature again from the beginning to suit your website. 

100+ Starter Template

You don’t have to be an expert developer in order to build high converting, beautiful pages. Sentosh is a conversion-optimized website builder that allows you the power of Elementor with all its page building features.

About Our PSD to Visual Composer Service

Our service is for you if you want to develop a WordPress website that is very easy to maintain and edit. Visual Composer is an easy to use page builder that allows you to make necessary changes easily when needed. So, even if you are a WordPress beginner with zero knowledge of coding, you can maintain and edit the site.

We have an experienced WordPress expert team who can handle anything about WordPress. We’ve been working in this field for more than 5 years. We know everything that is happening in this industry and how things are happening. So, when we are with you, you have nothing to worry. 

Our PSD to Visual Composer service develops a WordPress site from your PSD design using the Visual Composer page builder. Besides just developing the site, we also setup necessary plugins, check the technical SEO things and install basic security features. As a result, you’ll be getting a complete website from us.

Perks of the Website You’ll Get from Us

While we convert the PSD files into WordPress website through Visual Composer, we keep eyes of several things so that you don’t receive a website that can’t support you to reach your goal. Below are some characteristics of the website we deliver.

If the site doesn’t rank in the search engines, the expected result won’t come. So, the site must be search engine optimized. That’s why, while building the site, we make sure that we are touching the technical points of SEO that’ll support your SEO strategies to bring the best result. For that, we have our in-house SEO expert. The site you’re getting from us is designed to rank.

The number of people who are accessing the internet using mobile device is increasing. That means, if you want to reach more people, you must make your site mobile-friendly. That’s what we do. We make sure that you are getting is fully mobile responsive. By ensuring the mobile-friendliness, you can multiply the number of visitors in your site. We help you to do that. 

To ensure a great user experience, making your website fast is a very important factor. We ensure that you site will take minimum loading time possible to load the pages. Our expert coders use light codes for this. Besides building up the site, we keep our eyes on maintaining this too. As a result, you get a site that ensures fast speed. All you need to do is maintaining it.

While developing a site, we keep our eyes on the functionality of it. Also, before sending the site to our clients, we check this from the visitor’s perspective so that we can easily find out something that is not functioning properly. As a result, when you make the site live, visitors don’t face any problem to surf it.

Security is an important issue and that’s what we carefully focus on when we are developing a site. No matter what the reason behind developing the site is, security is something that you can’t overlook. We take necessary steps to implement the security measures so that you don’t face any problem regarding that. All you need to do is being careful while maintaining the site.

Visual composer allows you to rename the elements according to your preference so that you can find those easily later. Besides helping in navigating easily, it also helps you to arrange everything according to your ease. Thus, Visual Composer is giving you enough scope to personalize everything to ensure comfort of using the service.

Visual Composer features some keyboard shortcuts which can help you to do everything faster. The keyboard shortcuts are compatible with our regular keyboard shortcuts. So, you are already used to most of those. If you want to change the shortcuts, you have the scope for that too. Thus, you can personalize those according to your comfort.

Visual Composer allows you to copy content elements of a specific page and paste it on another page. Thus it saves your time and helps to improve your efficiency. Also, you won’t fell the boredom of doing the same thing again and again. Just copy and paste, you’ll get the exact thing that you were looking for.

Why Visual Composer?

Among the easy to use page builders, Visual Composer is one. It comes with handful of advantages that have made it one of those which are loved by all. If you ask us the reasons for which you should pick visual composer, below are some.

Why SeedProd?

A landing page can be developed by coding. Also, there are many more plugins which help to build a landing page. So, why use SeedProd for that? Below are some of the reasons.

Everything that SeedProd offers is suitable for various types of browsing platforms. Mobile, tab or desktop- SeedProd landing pages are suitable for all. As a result, to serve the visitors from mobile or tab, you won’t have to take extra hassle. Also, while making a change, you won’t have to think whether it’ll be supported by mobile devise or not.

While making a change in your landing page, you can see the live preview of it. As a result, you’ll easily understand which one is appropriate. Live preview is available for all device types. So, don’t worry about what you are doing. You can see that at instant.

If you don’t want to publish a landing page immediately, you can save that as a draft. Whenever you want, you can publish that. Thus, you are not making the visitors confused. When you’ll be sure about a design, publish that.

Customizing your landing page will be a great thing because SeedProd allows you to pick from an ocean of unlimited fonts. SeedProd has made it possible by integrating with Google Fonts. Also, SeedProd has font combination suggestion which suggests you fonts to design an awesome landing page.

At the very first stage of the process, we receive your order and check the PSD files to understand what you need. For making that total clear, we contact you for further discussing. Thus we make sure that we’ve understood your prospects properly. Without understanding your needs, we can’t satisfy you.

Then, we handle the project to a small team of our developers and deliver a brief idea. After that, we discuss and design a workflow with a timeline. We define the deadline and let you know that as the date of delivering the site.

Once the timeline is ready, our team starts working following the timeline. The timeline helps our developers to keep a consistent pace of work. As a result, meeting the deadline becomes easier for us and we can deliver the site within our promised time.

Once the site is developed, now it is time for a final check. In this final check, we thoroughly go through the site to make sure that everything we’ve promised are there in the site. If there is any issue, we quickly fix that. And lastly, when everything is fixed, we deliver the site to you.

Our Process

We always try our best to deliver services within the promised time. So, we run each of our services following an organized process. PSD to Visual Composer is not different. In our process, we integrate communication with our clients as a must. Below is the full process-

Why Choose Us

Till now we’ve just talked about our service, but now it is time to talk a bit about us. You should know the reasons for which you need to take the service from us. Below are some of those.

We always say that this is our best site. We don’t forget to finish the task within the deadline. For that, we follow a carefully designed process which is show above. Also, to make sure that we don’t fail to deliver your project within time, we don’t receive orders exceeding out capability. Sometimes situation may happen, but we try our best to deliver the project within time without damaging the quality.

In our team, this is all about WordPress. Our team is consisted of members who are dedicatedly working in this field for a long time making it the only focus. As a result, we all know WordPress more than a lot other WordPress service providers. You know that the result is obviously fabulous when the work is done by a team of dedicated people. That’s what you’ll get from us.

Our team is consisted of WordPress experts. Each of our team members is working in this field for a long time. As a result, you are getting the service from WordPress experts. Also, if you face any problem, you’ll receive help from the experts directly. Our experts also provide effective suggestions about changing things if necessary. So, while taking our service, you’re getting WordPress experts all the way.

We’ve developed a team which can do anything regarding WordPress. So we offer all other WordPress services too. After getting the site, if you think that maintaining it is wasting your time, we have WordPress Maintenance Service. If you want to keep your data safe, we have WordPress Backup and Restoration Service. Similarly, we have WordPress Security Service, On page SEO service and many more.

Reviews from Our Clients

Below are some of the reviews we’ve received from our clients for PSD to Visual Composer service. Satisfying our clients is our main goal. The feedbacks from them make sure that we’re successful to achieve the goal.

Frequently Asked Question

As a service provider, we face a lot of questions every day. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that we face. These’ll help you to know our service better.

Answer: In this particular service, we only turn your PSD files into a fully functional site. But if you want us to design the site for you, we have that service too. Discussing about your expectations, our designers create a PSD design. Then our developers build the site using your preferred page builder. For this service, contact us through Chat Support or Email.

Answer: Domain and hosting is not our responsibility typically. But we can buy those for you if you want. In that case, you need to pay the price of domain and hosting separately. Those are not included in the packages which you’ve seen above. For that, you need to tell us when we contact you about the site.

Answer: Yes, we have discount policy. For that, you’ll have to order for 3 or more sites at a time. Also, our recurring clients get a decent discount depending on the service they are purchasing. For discussing further about discount, you need to contact us through support chat or email.

Answer: No, contents are not included in the packages. Content varies depending on the type and purpose of the site. We just make the site depending on the design, check the SEO and security things. If you want, we also add domain and hosting. But you need to take care of the content. We may add some demo contents just to show where the contents will be.

Answer: We prefer to receive the full payment before starting the work. Don’t worry; your bucks will be safe with us. But if there is a problem to pay the full, you can pay 50% or more while ordering a package. You have the scope of paying the rest throughout the project duration. But we don’t deliver the site until we receive the full payment. So, make the payment before the project is done.

Answer: For your comfort, we have a wide range of payment methods. Also, security or your information is our priority. So, we use safe and renowned payment methods. PayPal, Payoneer, Visa Prepaid, MasterCard Prepaid, Stripe, Bank etc. are some of those. For Bangladesh local clients, we have bKash, Nogod and Rocket.


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