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Sentosh is the most favored website on the internet with high-quality reviews. We work as a passion, love to give you our best service!

Number of

Themify offers 42 themes to serve different purposes and the number is still increasing. As a result, no matter what your website purpose is, you’ll find one that can fulfil your expectations. E-commerce, personal site, or business site- you’ll get theme for all. Also, as more themes are on the way, you’ll have even more options to choose from.

Themify has Own

Themify comes with a number of plugins of its own so that you don’t have to run for anything. With the help of Themify plugins, you’ll be able to serve your purposes easily. Also, just like themes, Themify is working on their plugins too. As a result, you’ll be getting some more awesome plugins in future, for sure.

Backend and Frontend Editing

Most page builders out there offer either backend or frontend editing. But Themify allows you to have the advantage of using both. So, maintain a page or editing one will be easier for you. You can easily check how the site is looking like after making a change.

Multiple Row and Colum Layouts

Themify offers multiple row and column layout while designing the site. As a result, not being bothered about the column and row, you can edit to match your expected site design. You have the scope of creating nested rows also.

100+ Starter Template

You don’t have to be an expert developer in order to build high converting, beautiful pages. Sentosh is a conversion-optimized website builder that allows you the power of Elementor with all its page building features.

About Our PSD to Themify Service

Our team of WordPress experts is there to help you if you are looking for someone to make you a WordPress website using Themify following your site design in PSD. As a service provider, we always ensure quality to our clients. This has helped us to sustain in a competitive market like this.

Themify offers you the scope of using a number of themes and customizing those according to your preference. Also, it allows you to develop both backend and frontend accordingly. As a result, when the site is made of Themify, you’ll have the ease of managing, editing and maintaining the site properly without having any practical coding knowledge. 

In our team, we have experts who are working with WordPress and everything about it for a long time. So, you can expect a pitch perfect, fully responsive and user friendly website from us, along with a satisfactory experience.

The PSD files you provide are your preferred design of your site. While developing the site, our experts make sure that it matches exactly to the design you provide. As the site is yours, your preference will get priority to us. But if we think that a change can make it better, we apply it after communicating with you.

The site we provide comes with essential security features. As a result, the scope of being a victim to security threats is very low. If you manage the site properly and carefully, no one can hack your site or do any harm to it. Our WordPress experts know how to secure the website. For ensuring security, we use tested and trusted plugins.

Though most of the on page and off page SEO aspects depends on how you publish articles and build backlinks, the technical aspects can’t be overlooked. While developing the site, we set up the technical sides to make sure that the site is optimized for different search engines. As a result, your SEO efforts bring your quick results.

To satisfy your target customer base, having a fast site speed is necessary. That’s what we ensure while developing the site from your PSD files. We make sure that the site speed is fast enough to satisfy the visitors. Otherwise, most of the visitors will leave your site not getting quick results. Visitors don’t want to wait and we don’t want to make them wait.

Keeping your site optimized for mobile devices is important as many of the internet users access the internet through mobile phones. If your site is not mobile friendly, you’ll be losing a lot of potential customers or clients. Also, mobile friendliness is loved by the search engines too. So, we make sure that your site is equally accessible and visible through mobile devices.

What We Deliver?

When you ask us to turn your PSD files into a website built with Themify theme, we deliver you a beautifully decorated website. But unlike other services, we go forward a few steps to deliver you a site that works properly. Below are some characteristics of the websites we deliver.

How We Ensure the

To ensure the quality of our service, we follow a process. Besides ensuring the quality, the process helps us to stick to our commitments. Also, by guaranteeing our clients’ participation in the process, we make sure that we are satisfying our clients. Below is the process.

When you place the order, we check the PSD files to have an idea about your expectation. After that we contact you and discuss the design to make sure that we’ve understood it properly. If this step is not performed, there’ll be a big gap between your expectation and our output. As we don’t want it, we discuss it properly.

After understanding your expectation, now it is time to designing a timeline for the whole task. Designing a timeline helps us to stick to the task constantly. The timeline also includes a deadline to finish the work. We let you know deadline so that you can be prepared for the next tasks you’ll do after getting the site.

Now it is time to start developing. Our experts start working on developing the site according to the design you provide. After making the basic structure, we start implementing the SEO and security measures. Our experts do the whole thing carefully so that there is no gap.

After finishing developing the site, we deliver the site to you. But before that, we perform a must do step, checking it. Our experts check everything about the site to make sure that you’re getting one that matches your expectations. Also, the SEO, Security and Site speed issues are checked properly to make sure that everything is okay.

Making our clients 100% satisfied is a tough task and that’s what we ensure. We take the challenge of making our clients satisfied with our service quality and communication. Our team members try their best for it. As a result, we have the reputation of delivering quality service to make our clients happy and satisfied. 

The members of our team are driven by one aim- client satisfaction. The strong communication among them and a single driving factor ensures team synergy. As a result, the output we provide comes as a better one comparing to other service providers. Our team synergy helps us to bring your design into a live website.

We don’t fail to deliver the project before the deadline. On time delivery is a promise that we make and keep. For that, we follow a carefully designed process that we’ve already discussed above. Won’t you take the service from a provider who delivers you within the promised time? Take the service from us and you won’t have to be worried about a late delivery.

Our team is all about WordPress. Our dedicated team members are working with it for a long time. Besides PSD to Themify service, we provide all other services related to WordPress. We have WordPress Migration Service, Maintenance Service, Security Service, Malware Removal Service and so on. If you need, you can come to us directly without looking for another service provider.

For all our services, we make sure that the prices of the packages are reasonable. Our packages are designed to meet exactly what you need for that specific problem. Thus, we provide the value for the bucks we take from you. From our reasonably priced packages under each service, you can pick one that can meet your needs and match your budget.

Why Choose Us?

When you ask us the reasons behind choosing us, there are a lot of things we can talk about. Below are some of those reasons. You’ll get to know us better while working with us.

Feedback from Client

lient satisfaction is our main drive, we’ve already said that. That’s why we’ve a satisfied client base from different part of the world. Check some reviews from those satisfied clients. 

Answer: No. Our packages include everything about building the site, not making the site live. But if you are new to it, we can buy domain and hosting and make your site live. But for that, you need to pay for the price of domain and hosting. Let us know your preferred domain, we’ll check the availability. If it is available, we’ll convey you the price. Pay for it and we’ll buy it. 

Answer: Yes, the package prices are fixed. We’ve already said that our packages are designed to deliver the maximum within that price. So, we don’t have scope to consider the prices of the packages. However, for our recurring clients, we try to arrange some discounts. So, if you’ve already taken some services from us, you may claim a discount.

Answer: If you order for more than 3 websites at a time, we may arrange some discount for you. All our packages are for a single website. So you need to order separately for each website. For discount, you can knock our support chat or when we’ll contact you about the project.

Answer: The time depends on the design and number of pages to be designed. Typically we don’t take a long time to develop a site. Only a few working days are enough to deliver you the site. But depending on the size of the project, it varies. So, we talk about the deadline after we check your website.

Answer: To avoid some problem, we prefer receiving the package fee before we start working with it. If there is any problem to make the full payment, you can pay half or more than that while ordering a package. After we receive the payment, we start working. While the project is running, you need to pay the rest.

Yes, we are experienced and skillful to write any type of content you may need for your website and we will help you with that. But there are few sensible topics that we avoid from writing such as adult content, hateful speech or something that violates human rights and laws.

Freequently Asked Questions

As a service provider, we face a lot of questions every day. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that we face. These’ll help you to know our service better.


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