Mohammad SRM

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About Mohammad SRM

Mohammad SRM (Born: August 17, 1999) is an Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Sentosh IT LTD, Sentosh IT LTD is a company that provides multiple tech services from web design to digital marketing. His original identity name is “Emamul Hak Shamim” but Google knows him as “Mohammad SRM”.

Meaning of Mohammad SRM

Google Knows him as “Mohammad SRM” but his identity name is “Emamul Hak Shamim”. His friends and family members call him “Shanto”. He was looking for a unique name so that he can recognize as a unique person. In 2013 he was searching for a unique name, thought as his Family surname is “Rahman Mridha” so why not he use that name with a short form? Everyone calls him “Shanto” and his surname is “Rahman Mridha” together comes “Shanto Rahman Mridha (SRM)” and as he is a Muslim he added Mohammad on the starting. He combined “Mohammad” and “SRM” and create his internet name “Mohammad SRM”. So “Mohammad SRM” is a short form of “Mohammad Shanto Rahman Mridha”. He uses this name on the full internet.

Early Life & Career

Mohammad SRM was born in the Shariatpur district in Bangladesh. At a young age, he was brought up in Dhaka District and grew up there.

He completed his higher secondary education in 2017 with Science. And graduated Hon’s in 2021 in English from Dhaka district.

In 2017 he started making content on youtube, and he was recognized as a “Roasting Video Creator”. as he was a good video editor he was proposed by a private company name “FIFO (First In First Out) Tech” to take the position of Video Editor, and he joined as a “Video Editor” on “FIFO Tech” in 2018 and left creating content on youtube. as he couldn’t manage both his job and youtube channel, he sold his youtube channel and continue his job.

But unfortunately, in 2019 the world got into trouble with Covid-19, and for this “FIFO Tech” got into a loss. That’s why he had to leave the job. That’s why he starts to continue making video content on his new youtube channel(Mohammad SRM). Without creating content he was searching to do anything else besides creating content. In 2020 he took help from a friend to learn Digital Marketing. After learning about Digital Marketing he decided to make this as his career and started a company with his friend in 2021, and named it Sentosh IT LTD.

At present, Now he is working (2021-Present) as the Co-Founder of Sentosh IT LTD. Sentosh IT LTD is a company that provides multiple tech services from web design to digital marketing, Starting from scratch only a few years ago, today Sentosh IT LTD company hires about 120 employees in this organization. 

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