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What can We Do for You?

We can help you with any emergency situation happening with your website. There are many types of emergency situations that can arise. Below here are some of the situations when we can assist you to recover.

Get your Hacked Site Back

Being in a platform that is the main focus of the hackers, your site can be hacked even if you have safety measures installed. To protect your data, hacked site must be recovered as soon as possible. If something like this happens, knock us quickly. Our WordPress specialists can get your hacked site back from the hackers within the shortest possible time.

Remove Malware

Malwares can steal you valuable information from the site. Also, virus or malware can hamper the user experience. As a result, you’ll lose your visitors quickly. Even malwares in your site makes it more prone to hacking efforts. If you feel that your site has malware, knock us anytime to remove those. We have experts who’ll perform site audit and remove the malware as well as other potential threats.

Managing Problems Related to Update

Theme update, plugin update or even WordPress version update can go wrong sometimes. As a result, you’ll have an unsafe website for your visitors. Also, your site might lose position in search engines. If you face problems while updating the site, you can contact us anytime. We’ll check the problem and fix that as soon as possible. Our experts have the ability to fix issues like these in no time.

Performance Drop

Performance drop may happen for many reasons. No matter what the reason is, we can fix that for you. If you see performance drops of your site and need quick recovery, you can knock us. Our experts thoroughly check your site and find out the reasons behind the problem. After that, they fix the problem as soon as possible. Recovering from performance drop can be a long procedure, but we try our best to recover quickly.

Restoring a Down Website

A website can go down for a number of reasons. Maybe you don’t know the reasons, but if you see your website down, you know whom to knock. Our WordPress professionals can work relentlessly to restore your down website as soon as possible. When you let us know about the problem, we go through your website and find out the reasons. After that, we fix that with our expertise so that you get your site live again.

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About Our Emergency WordPress Help Service

We have a bunch of WordPress experts in our team who are ready to help you with any emergency regarding to your WordPress website. Starting from security issues to performance drop, knock us for any issue. Our quick responsive team will response to your need as soon as possible and fix the issue quickly.

We have some WordPress enthusiasts in our team who are working with WordPress for more than 5 years. They know about WordPress very well. So fixing your issues won’t be a tough task for them. Knock us whenever you want and let’s see what we can do for you.

Besides emergency response, we are open to serve you any type of WordPress service. Starting from on-page SEO to migration, you can check our services. Our main focus is to satisfy our clients through our service quality. So, we are committed to what we do.

Why should You Go for an Expert in Emergency Situation?

When any WordPress emergency happens, you need to get it fixed quickly. For that, you need to go for an expert. Maybe you can try to fix it through researching from internet. But you shouldn’t do that for a few reasons. Below are the reasons.

When you go to experts with an emergency, they’ll fix within a short time. On the other hand, if you do it by yourself, you may take a long time to fix. As it is an emergency, you shouldn’t allow it for a long time. If you do so, major problem can happen with your site.

As you are not an expert in it, you’ll have to spend a long time in researching for the resources. There are a lot of things available in the internet. Maybe some of those are out-dated, you don’t know. As a result, you may lose track and find yourself in a mess.

Researching through internet, you might get the work done. But still you don’t know the reason for which the emergency situation arises. But an expert can understand the reason and give you suggestions so that you can avoid the problem in future.

Choosing an expert is always better than doing it by yourself if you are not an expert. It helps you to get the thing done with efficiency within a short time.

We are always there waiting for you call. No matter when you see an emergency, let it be midnight, we are there for you. Knock us and you’ll get response as soon as possible. So, if any emergency situation arises, our team is the one that can fix the issue within shortest possible time. Isn’t it better to knock someone who’ll response quickly in case of any emergency?

Our team is consisted of WordPress professionals who are in this field for a long time. They are working with WordPress and managing WordPress websites continuously. So, we know the reasons of a problem and how to fix it quickly. Unlike most other services out there, we understand WordPress. So, you are getting professional support from us regarding to your issue.

After fixing the issue, we provide a report based on what we’ve done so that you know we’ve improved the situation. Also, if possible, we add the reasons behind the problem and some suggestion to stay safe from the problem. This helps you to avoid similar problem in future. Thus besides recovering your website from problem, we help you with suggestions to avoid it.

We provide 100% money back guarantee for our emergency response service. That means, if we can’t fix your problem, we’ll give 100% money back to you. Why would we take money from you for doing something that doesn’t come to any help for you? Our experts can fix any kind of issue regarding to your WordPress. But in case we fail, we don’t take a single penny from you.

Besides quick response to your call, we ensure quick service. When you knock us with emergency situation, our WordPress specialists start working with your website to fix the issue quickly. As our experts are working with WordPress for a long time, identifying the reason behind the problem and managing it is not tough for them. So, you’ll be getting the problem fixed quickly if you knock us.

Why Choose Us

There are many reasons for which you need to pick us in case of any WordPress emergency. Below here are some of those reasons that can convince you to knock us. Check these.

Feedback from Client

We’ve served a lot of people under our WordPress emergency help service. Most of them are satisfied because we’ve successfully managed to fix their sites. Let’s check some feedbacks from our previous clients.

Answer: It depends on the nature of the problem. We try to fix everything as quickly as possible. But in case the problem has a deep impact, maybe it is not possible to fix within 1 day. In that case, you’ll have to let us have some more time to fix. After checking your problem, we can guess how much time we need.

Answer: Yes, you need to have admin access to fix the situation. Depending on the problem, we may need to change a lot of things. If we don’t have any access to your site and server, we can’t fix that. But don’t worry about sharing your login information with us because those are safe to us. We don’t expose your confidential information to someone else.

Answer: Such emergency situation can arise anytime. If you want to stay safe from such problem, you need to be careful about managing your website. You need to learn WordPress and be updated with everything about WordPress. You need to invest time on WordPress to know the platform better. Or you can leave the hassle of managing your site to an expert. We have WordPress Website Maintaining Service for that. You can order if you want.

Answer: Yes, we have. After we fix the issue, if still there is any problem, you can reach us within 5 days of getting the issue fixed. Our experts will take a look over it again and mark the issue. After that, we’ll fix that under our after sales support. So, you don’t have to pay for this.

Answer: Yes, you need to make the payment while ordering. However, we know that the situation is emergency and you might not have the full amount. In that case, you can pay 50% of the service charge while ordering and the rest later. Don’t worry. In case we fail to solve the issue, under our 100% money back guarantee policy, you’ll get the amount back.

Frequently Asked Question

As a service provider, we face a lot of questions every day. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that we face. These’ll help you to know our service better.


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