How to install react JS in windows

Introduction React is an open-source and popular JavaScript library. The demand for react JS in the field of web development is increasing day by day. Almost all the front-end developers are mastering this useful library to build up an excellent user interface. The invention of react JS has brought about a new revolution to web […]

Webflow vs WordPress – Find the Best Site Builder

Webflow vs. WordPress, which is best for you? Most people are confused about whether webflow or WordPress will give the best experience. To solve your confusion, we are going to discuss Webflow vs. WordPress thoroughly.

As both WordPress & webflow are popular site builders, it’s natural to get confused. Both of them have their own pros & cons that you need to know to choose the right builder.

Well, now we will compare Webflow & WordPress with functionality, pros & cons. It will give you the answer to which website builder is best for you. Let’s start the article to discover the best website builder.

Duda vs WordPress – Which one wins the battle and is better for you

Duda & WordPress are both advanced website builders tools & have their unique features. As a result, a common debate arises which one is better, Duda vs. WordPress. To remove this confusion, we will discuss the pros, cons & features of both Duda and WordPress. Basically, your requirements are the key to choosing the right […]

Best MLS WordPress plugin For Your Real Estate Website

MLS website is not only popular among real Estate owners but also in different business niches. MLS listing is a trendy and popular choice for creating a new website. It helps to share information with the visitors conveniently.

WordPress makes websites a one-click task. You just need to select a perfect theme and the best MLS WordPress plugin to meet your business requirement.

In this article, I will discuss the top 10 WordPress MLS plugins with functionality. Each of them provides some excellent functionality to meet your business needs. Let’s see which MLS WordPress plugin offers the best features.

6 Best ReactJS Books for All Leveled Frontend Developers

You can consider React as the reusable component in all. As React is component-based, it will help you save money and time as well. To make a user-friendly interface, you should study React.

However, another simple and indirect meaning of React is JavaScript. As long as you want to be a great front-end developer, you should study some JS books. In this case, we will introduce you to the best React JS books. And, all those books that we will recommend will be your basics of React.

If you already have learned the coding of HTML and CSS means you are a step ahead to start a complete React activity for a web development project. Besides, you will also learn about the basic and small APIs to be a professional Frontend developer.

Let’s Get Started!

8 Best Alternatives to React JS To Make Your Web Application

Undoubtedly React JS is one of the popular and  most used Javascript libraries. The best part of React JS is it comes with a virtual DOM that processes information quickly. React JS is an ideal library for building single-page web applications. But the website comes with multiple pages; that is why we need the alternative to react JS.

What are the best alternatives to React JS? Well, choosing the right alternatives to React JS is challenging. Because all the alternative frameworks won’t come with flexibility, easy functionality and  excellent features. 

Best 9 WordPress Theme Like Amazon (Free & Paid)

Nowadays eCommerce stores are one of the best options to earn money online – you may not believe this, right? Just like you, ten years ago no one could imagine this unbelievable growth of eCommerce platforms like Amazon. 

During this pandemic, we also observe the incredible boom of eCommerce sites. These sites become the primary solution for shopping. And why not, it is more convenient and has more vendors. So, Amazon affiliate marketing can lead you to more potential opportunities if you choose the right platform. 

Today, in our article, we will try to present a small collection of some Amazon-inspired WordPress themes including free and premium ones. If you want to make some passive income by selling your products or services and want to do affiliate marketing, then our list of the best 9 WordPress Themes Like Amazon (Free & Paid) will definitely help you. 

Drupal Vs WordPress – A Head to Head Comparison To Identify The Best CMS

Need to make a website? Confused about making your go-between Drupal vs. WordPress? No Worries! We are here to help you out. When you plan to build your business website, you ought to choose the best CMS worth in the market. However, while you’re comparing WordPress and Drupal, WordPress is a step ahead of Drupal. […]

Django vs Node Js – Which is the Best Web Developing Tool for You?

Web applications are one of the essential parts of any business today. And if you are on the urge to build a website of your own, then these two applications should come first in your mind. What to choose between Node vs. Django is a common question, especially when developing a high-performing web. So, when […]

Django vs Laravel – Which framework is best?

Django and Laravel are both popular frameworks for web development. The structure and functionality of Django and Laravel is different from each other. People get confused about which one should choose between Django vs. Laravel. Undoubtedly Django and Laravel both framework has strong benefits to developing a high-end website. They cover basic to advanced level […]