Why Use React js For Web Development Project

React JS has mostly used Javascript libraries in the web development sector. Web developer’s favorite choice is React for its simple functionality. Currently, many popular companies, entrepreneurs choose React Js for building their web applications. 

React comes with some unique and advanced features that make this framework a better choice than other frameworks.

In this article, we will talk about the core concepts of React JS with features, pros and cons.  It helps to choose the right technology to make your site top rank. React is an excellent framework that can meet versatile requirements for every type of company.

Flask vs Django – Compare the Best Python Frameworks!

Are you wondering which web development framework can match your project between Flask vs. Django? Then it will help if you go through this article. Well, developers find a large number of web frameworks based on Python. But leaving each one beyond, Flask and Django are the most popular web frameworks we can talk about.

Flask is a simple, flexible, customizable, and well-controlled framework, whereas Django is best for speed up your development process, easy to scale up and extend. So you can’t make your choice within a moment.

Let’s give you a brief discussion about Flask vs. Django, where you will know which one is easy to learn for you and when you should use the perfect one for developing worthy web applications. 

Django vs WordPress – Choose the Right One for Your Site

While planning to develop your web development project, the first and foremost task is to select the best tool and platform for your site. But nowadays you can have multiple options around but it is hard to find the most suitable one.

Django and WordPress are the two common names. If you consider Django for your new project, then you also have to know the features and benefits of WordPress, right?

To make things pretty easier, I have a deeper look into Django vs WordPress, to provide a complete discussion and complete review. In the discussion I will include all the features and benefits of it to help you to choose the best one for your upcoming project!

100+ React JS Interview Questions

If you’re a full-fledged React JS developer and dreaming of working at a well-established software company, you may sharpen your interview knowledge as soon as possible. You will be asked several questions corresponding to your acquired skillset during the interview session. It’s obvious that you have to give a quick response to strengthen your seat over others.  

There are some common but important questions that are kept into account in order to recruit a new candidate. You need to master these to level up your skills and understanding to a significant margin. What are the most-asked React JS interview questions?  You can scroll down here to discover everything and achieve the required knowledge to fulfill your dream.