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Who We Are

We are a bunch of online professionals dealing with different digital services for our clients. Our team contains of a number of digital service professionals, and data entry is one of the many services we provide. For your data entry tasks, we have a dedicated team. Allow us to handle your data entry tasks and you’ll get the taste of a professional service.

Our data entry team is consisted of a number of skilled, talented and highly motivated data entry operators who can handle your tasks efficiently. We are committed to deliver satisfaction to our clients. So, let us handle your data collection, processing and data entry tasks.

Types of Data Entry Tasks We Do

Our data entry team is built to do different types of data entry tasks. Let’s check the types of data entry tasks we’re doing currently.

If you want to improve your business, using data is an important thing to do. For that, you’ll need a lot of data. We can help you to extract data from websites according to your need. Our web scraping service is performed by expert data professionals. We make sure that a single bit of data is not missing while scraping data for you.

Our experts are trained to efficiently mine data from different sources including social medias, websites, blogs, forums and others. No matter what is your need, we can bring you those data so that you can develop your business using those. We can work with any type of data. Also, we have expertise in some specific fields too.

Email scrapping refers to the collection of emails. A long list of emails helps you to enrich your database for email marketing. As email marketing is a strong marketing tool that helps you to increase your sales, email scrapping is something that benefits you. Our specialized team can help you to find emails of your potential customers to reach them easily.

To maintain your data efficiently, Microsoft Excel helps a lot. Our data entry team can sort your data and input those in Excel sheets so that you can easily find the data you search for. We can input different data into Excel from different sources, like handwritten documents, pictures, websites, PDFs and so on.

PDF is a common way of business documentation and communication. To keep the data safely arranged, you need to collect data from those PDFs and save the data in the Excel sheets. This helps you to find the data easily when you need. Also, calculations are very easy in excels. But transferring data from PDF to Excel is a time consuming task. So, we have this service to help you when you and your employees focusing on business development.

Depending on the business, may organizations need images to be read. Sometimes people send business documents as images instead of PDFs. In such cases, the data from those images need to be shifted to an excel document. We can also help you in such cases. Our expert data entry team can read images and extract data from those to input in excel sheets.

To grow your business using data, you should focus on developing your database with the data from different websites in the internet. For that, we’re here to help you. Our data entry service brings you your expected data from different websites and arranges those in an Excel document properly. As a result, you’ll use those data to grow your business.

Besides PDF, Microsoft Word and Google Doc are also used for business documentation and transferring information. So, a lot of data of your business comes to you in a word or doc format. Our experts can collect specific data from those documents and arrange the data in Excel sheets. Thus, you can keep those in your database in a properly arranged way.

Just like many other sources, we can extract data from videos and arrange those in an Excel sheet for the ease of finding when you need. Getting data from video contents requires a lot more attention and patience comparing to other types of data entry tasks. But, still, we’ve got your back in this segment too. Our team has some awesome individuals who can do this for you.

If you need a specific type of information from the web, you can knock us for that. Our expert web searchers are able to find specific information from any corner of the internet and organize those properly. So, if you need anything from the internet, let us know. We’ll search and find you the accurate information or something that is the closest to that.

Sometimes, businesses need to just copy data from one place and paste it into another. Assigning one of your employees to this task is not a wise decision because the employee could do something more valuable. Leave this task to us. We’ll do this for you as fast as possible. Our data entry operators have done basic copy and paste tasks for a long time.

After having your data organized, if you want your data to be analysed and get some actionable insight from those, we can help you with that too. Our data analysis team is consisted of experts who have worked with different tools of analysing and presenting data. We can analyse the data and present those using charts or other tools.

To maintain an accurate database, data validation is an important task. Typically, after a certain period, different data changes, especially the percentages and ratios. Data validation includes the checking and correcting the data. Our data validation team can check the data in your database and change accordingly.

Woking with numeric data in Excel is really easy because you can put formulas to calculate automatically. But this needs attention and expertise because a small mistake can result into a huge loss. We can handle all these formula related things because we have experts and professionals in our team. So, let us handle the task of Excel formula solving for you.

Besides the above, if you have any other type of data entry work where you need assistance, knock us without any hesitation. We can help you in any type of data entry and related tasks.

Why should You Outsource Data Entry Services?

Outsourcing data entry service may seem an extra cost for your business, but actually this is the opposite. It helps in a lot of ways. Below are some reasons for outsourcing data entry service.

You may have enough human resource in your office. But you shouldn’t put this human resource into data entry tasks when they can do better. Let professional data entry experts handle these when your employees are busy with business development or customer acquisition. It’ll be better, right?

If you want to hire employees for data entry task, there are costs associated to the hiring process. And after you hire someone, you need to train them to get the job done efficiently. Training the employees is another cost that you’ll have to bear. But outsourcing data entry service won’t need these types of costs.

What happens when you hire employees for data entry jobs? They do the work and you pay them every month. Even if there is no work, still you have to pay the salary. But if you hire a data entry service, you only pay for the amount of works you get done. Thus outsourcing data entry services helps you to save some bucks.

When your employees are doing the data entry job, they only do this in the office time. But hiring a data entry service allows you to get the work done even when you’re sleeping, literally, if the service is from a different time zone. And the big fact is- no matter when the job is done, you’ll get it done within the deadline.

Your data is safe when it is in the hand of a data entry service. They know that the reputation of their business depends on the security they provide, besides the quality of the work. That’s why they keep your data safe and secured from anyone or anything. When you’re hiring a dependable service, your data is safe.

Professional data entry services use a lot of advanced tools and technology to get the job done. But if you want your employees to perform the task, due to the lack of technical knowledge, probably they’ll fail to complete the job efficiently. Thus, here is enough risk which you won’t have to face if you outsource data entry services.

Our data entry team is full of experts in this specific field who are also able to use advanced tools and technology. Thus, from us, you’ll get the job done efficiently, exactly as you want. Also, our technical advancement allows us handle a lot different types of tasks. So, no matter how hard the job is, you’ll get it done by us.

We know your data is important to you. So, we don’t want to keep you waiting. We ensure on time delivery so that you can maintain your timeline. For that, we assign more workforces if the speed is not satisfactory. This has always helped us to finish the projects within time and deliver to our clients.

A vital reason behind outsourcing data entry services is reducing the cost, we know. That’s why we also try to help you by doing the work within budget. Our packages are designed to be budget friendly and cost efficient comparing to most other services you’ll find. So, you should pick our service.

Our team is made of expert and professionals. So, what we do, we do with care and caution. We efficiently finish the work so that you can use those as expected. As a result, our work will satisfy you, we guarantee. If you don’t get as expected, we can redo the whole thing for you to deliver you the expected result, obviously if there is a valid point.

Besides our clients’ satisfaction, safety of their data is also what we want. That’s why we use secured ways to handover the data. Also, we keep your data safe from anyone and anything. Your confidentiality is our priority. We are also ready to sign NDA before we start the work.

Why Our Customers
Love Us?

We have been running our content writing service for more than 10 years. Within this long time, we have worked with over 500 clients on more than 1200 projects successfully. Lots of our clients have taken our service for more than once and still, we are working with some of our previous clients. Our clients are the best advertisement for us as we ensure the best quality service for them. But there are few reasons behind our customers love us more than others and let’s have a look at some of those:   

Feedback from Client

“I’ve been taking their service from a long time and it feels really great because they’re doing incredible with my tasks. I let them handle all my data entry tasks because I found it reasonable to hire their service comparing to get a full time employee. I’m satisfied at how they’re handling all these. I definitely recommend their data entry and related services.”

Answer: We haven’t measured our capacity yet. But we’ve handled some really large projects. Actually, we have the scope of increasing the capacity of our team anytime. So, no matter how large your task is, let us know. We’ll talk and see if we can handle that.

Answer: We have monthly plans for data entry services. In that case, you’ll have to determine an estimated monthly volume of work. If the volume exceeds by a noticeable amount, you’ll have to pay extra for that.

Answer: Yes, you can. If you want to hire data entry individuals for you, we can assign our members specifically to your work according to your demand. However, you won’t be directly connected to them.

Answer: We accept all the common payment methods like Payoneer, PayPal, Visa Card, MasterCard Prepaid Card and so on. Knock us if you have any specifically preferred method. We’ll try to arrange that.

Freequently Asked Questions

As a service provider, we face a lot of questions every day. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that we face. These’ll help you to know our service better.


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